Serving without changing position: Australian formation

It is usual to observe how the beginner players change their position during the service and among the advanced players they do not. This is because the paddle player who just started playing the paddle still has no preference for any position and also because this way will travel a less distance to reach the net after the service.
At these levels it is understandable; But as the player begins to become more familiar with a place on the court, the advantage of serving without changing position with the partner will turn out to be very large.
This training, known as “Australian formation”, will allow the player to play the entire game from the place he likes and dominate, making the service to become even more important.
When taking on the same side of the companion we will leave the parallel free, so we should play towards the center (the T), or towards the opponent’s body, in order to get some extra time to cover that position.
When pulling towards the lateral glass, we would be leaving our parallel free, so we should make a much greater effort to cover it.
In short, the most important thing to keep in mind is that in all the blows it is fundamental to vary enough, in order to avoid that the adversary gets accustomed to always receive the ball in the same place.
With that variety of service, we will ensure that the subtractor can not anticipate the service, limiting it only to pass the ball to the other side, without complicating his shot.

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