The function of a change of pace is surprising to the contrary with some blow at different speed.
This is achieved by performing a certain shot, which he is not expected at that point in the game and that makes him play the wrong way.
That is why one of the important things in the paddle, is to know how to play at a pace that is comfortable for us, and to be attentive, so that at the first opportunity that we are presented, we can take some surprise shot that allows us to pass to Take control of the point.
Rhythm changes do not mean risking impossible shots or taking too many unnecessary risks. On the contrary, it is about playing at our normal game pace, and suddenly change the speed of our shot, which can be faster or slower.
The change of pace does not always have to be towards a higher speed, since on the contrary, it can be surprising to the rival changing towards a slower speed.
In short, if we find ourselves playing slow, the surprise may be to increase the speed of our throw in the direction of the body of our rival, since he is playing calm and a little “relaxed” before our slow balls, and when he receives a ball to High speed, will not be prepared nor with the tension necessary to respond correctly.
The same happens when we find ourselves playing strong shots and suddenly we surprise with a slow ball with angle or towards the feet of one of the players if they are in the net, or with a shorter ball if they are defending. The tension that the player has when receiving fast balls, will cause him to have difficulty receiving slower or shorter balls, causing him to arrive late to hit them.

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