After almost 35 years working in the field of Paddle, more than 25 years teaching how to play Paddle and how to train to professional players at different times, I realize how lucky I am because I have got a global vision of Paddle evolution as a sport.


This gave me the opportunity to create a teaching and training system based on my personal experience and on the study of new ways of working and improving.

My work team is made of several professional trainers that share with me the same philosophy for work.

Or methodology is based on the previous analysis of each person, no matter if it is a beginner or a professional player, and so on, we help them to improve their level of play with a progressive system in all the areas: technical, physical, strategy and mental according to their needs.

PAM methodology is a way of comprehension teaching in which, not only do we work on the right technic but we also focus on forgotten areas important for success such as placement and positioning.

In addition we consider that it is impossible to be good at playing Paddle without exercising the lower body which would help you to get the right position in the place of driving the ball.

All this work is made by a new system that consists on progressions that will make an all around player in order to achieve their aims within the sport.