Supported by great co-workers with many years of experience training teams and professional players, we are willing to bring you this sport and help you to be successful in the competition.

We will show you how to improve the technique according to your abilities as well as train you new ways of planning games using new modern techniques of working.

This will be achieved with different working techniques that will make all around players in their technical, strategically and mental level, developed with current trends to get to play like the professionals.
Our planning is held on Paddle players at the professional level and is supported by the newest statistics of game obtained from professional Paddle.

Our planning is based on the currently practiced Paddle by professional players and is supported by the latest statistics of the game, obtained during the last professional competitions.

We can also prepare you physically, with the help of our physical trainer Roberto Martin Ochando who, with the newest techniques, will help you to be ready for competition.

All this together with the most suitable nutrition and training tips, can really help those players to complete their training for professional competition.


Mornings or evenings, training of one hour and a half.

For further information contact to:

Av. de España, 3
28231 Las Rozas
+34 663987570