After more than 35 years in the world of paddle , first as a player and then as a monitor and coach of high competition players at different times, I can say that I have been fortunate to have a privileged vision of the evolution of this sport.

This has allowed me to create a teaching and training system based on the personal experience of each era and the study of new work systems to accompany these changes.

My work team is made up of a group of professionals who share the same work philosophy.

Our methodology is based on the analysis of each person, be it an amateur or a competition player and, from here, help them improve their level of play with a progressive system in all areas; technical, physical, tactical and mental, according to your needs.

The PAM® methodology is a comprehensive teaching system, where we not only work on the correct technique of the blows, but also deal with parts that are often forgotten and that we consider essential for success in paddle tennis, such as, for example , “supports and displacements”.

We also consider that it is impossible to play paddle well without having done a good job of the lower body, so that it always takes us correctly to the hitting site.

All this work is carried out with an unprecedented system of progressions that will make the players much more complete in order to fulfill their objectives within the sport.