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The Padel Physical Trainer Roberto Martín Ochando, together with Maximo Castellote and Jorge Nicolini, aim the  PADEL PHYSICAL TRAINING COURSE (OFFICIAL APA ©) to improve your performance and professionalism in the teaching of paddle.

As our sport becomes more professional, one of the aspects that has evolved the most among players is the improvement of their physical condition.

For this reason, our team, hand in hand with the Physical Trainer Roberto Martín Ochando, has designed a course that covers all aspects of the Physical Preparation of Competition Players, starting with the work of childrens and reaching even the Professional Players.

Our objective is to be able to show what work must be carried out in each of the stages that the competition players go through, referring to age and the different periods of the year.

Good season planning leads to better results in competitions.

All this work, accompanied by the most appropriate advice at the level of sports nutrition, can greatly help these players to complete their preparation for competition.


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